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VP: Speed Sauce™ Plus Injection Fluid - 4/1 Gallon

VP: Speed Sauce™ Plus Injection Fluid - 4/1 Gallon


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VP: Speed Sauce™ Plus Injection Fluid - 4/1 Gallon 

Product Description: 

Speed Sauce™ Plus water-ethanol injection fluid is a 20/80 water-ethanol premix. It's ready to use straight from the bottle and delivers more power per gallon. In fact, it provides up to 4% more power compared to methanol-based injection fluids. Furthermore, proper tuning produces up to 15% more horsepower and torque than stock. Best of all, Speed Sauce Plus water-ethanol injection fluid is 99% renewable and it's both less toxic and corrosive than methanol-based injection fluids.


  • Delivers added octane when needed thanks to the ethanol's >115 octane rating
  • Up to 15% more HP/torque than stock, with proper tuning
  • 4% more power vs. methanol-based injection fluids
  • 99% renewable, less corrosive, and less toxic than methanol injection fluids