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RedLine: 30505 D4 Automatic Transmission Fluid - 1 Gallon

RedLine: 30505 D4 Automatic Transmission Fluid - 1 Gallon


Part #: RED-30505

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RedLine: 30505 D4 Automatic Transmission Fluid - 1 Gallon

  • Our most versatile ATF, use where Dexron III®, Dexron II®, Mercon® and Mercon V® fluids are recommended, for use in automatic, manual transmissions and power steering
  • Popular applications: Toyota Type T-III and T-IV, Honda ATF-Z1, Nissan Matic D, J & K, Diamond SP-II, SP-III, Mazda ATF M-V, most BMW and Audi/VW automatic transmissions
  • Also used with manual transmissions and transaxles like T-5, T-45, T-56 and late-model BMW, provides a GL-4 level of gear protection
  • Excellent cold weather operation

Product Details:

  • Appropriate coefficient of friction for most manual transmission synchronizers (other's synthetic gear oils are often too slippery for proper synchro engagement)
  • Red Line offers lubricants to pinpoint nearly every transmission application
  • MT-LV, MTL, MT-85 & MT-90 are not for use in differentials with hypoid gears
  • Excellent gear and synchro protection, balanced slipperiness for easier shifting in cold climates
  • Excellent for high- and low-mile transmissions
  • Compatible with petroleums and other synthetics

OEM Compatibility:

Suitable replacement for:

Allison TES 295
Allison TES 389
Allison TES 439
Allison TES 468
BMW/Mini 83 22 9 407 807 (LT 71141)
BMW/Mini 83 22 0 024 359 (ETL-8072B)
BMW/Mini 83 22 0 026 922 (ETL-7045E)
BMW/Mini Dexron® III
BMW/Mini ESSO LT71141
BMW/Mini Toyota Type-IV
Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep Diamond SP-II
Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep Diamond SP-III
Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep Shell ATF 3403 N115, (NAG1 trans)
Ford ESP-M2C166-H
Ford Mercon®
Ford Mercon® V
Ford Toyota Type-IV
Ford XL-12
Ford XT-2-QSM
Ford XT-5-QM
Ford XT-9-QMM5
GM 88861800
GM 12378396
GM 12378515
GM 21005966
GM Allison C-4 spec
GM Castrol TranSynd
GM Dexron® II
GM Dexron® III
GM Toyota Type-IV
GM Transynd
Honda/Acura ATF Z1
Honda/Acura Dexron® II
Honda/Acura Dexron® III
Hyundai/Kia Dexron® II
Hyundai/Kia Dexron® III
Hyundai/Kia SP-II
Hyundai/Kia SP-III
Jaguar/Land Rover Dexron® II
Jaguar/Land Rover Dexron® III
Jaguar/Land Rover JLM 20238 (LT71141)
Jaguar/Land Rover Mercon® V
Jaguar/Land Rover Shell ATF 3403 M115
Mazda ATF M-V
Mazda Dexron® II
Mazda Dexron® III
Mazda Mercon®
Mazda Toyota Type-IV
MB 000 989 2603 15
MB 236.1
MB 236.10
MB 236.2
MB 236.3
MB 236.6
MB 236.7
MB 236.8
MB 236.81
MB 236.9
MB Dexron® II
MB Dexron® III
MB Shell ATF 3403 M115
Mitsubishi Diamond SP-II
Mitsubishi Diamond SP-III
Nissan/Infinity Dexron® III
Nissan/Infinity NissanMatic D
Nissan/Infinity NissanMatic J
Nissan/Infinity NissanMatic K
Porsche 000 043 204 41
Porsche 000 043 204 63
Porsche 000 043 304 00
Porsche 000 043 304 01
Porsche 000 043 305 43
Porsche 958 300 540 00
Porsche BOT 338
Shell LA 3403
Shell M-L12108
Subaru Dexron® II
Subaru Dexron® III
Subaru ATF HP
Texaco ETL-8027B
Toyota/Lexus Dexron® II
Toyota/Lexus Dexron® III
Toyota/Lexus JWS 3309
Toyota/Lexus Type T
Toyota/Lexus Type T-II
Toyota/Lexus Type T-IV
VW/Audi Dexron® II
VW/Audi Dexron® III
VW/Audi Esso LT71141
VW/Audi G 052 025 A2
VW/Audi G 052 162 A1
VW/Audi G 052 162 A2
VW/Audi TL 52162
Volvo 1161521
Volvo 1161540
Volvo 1161640 (JWS-3309)
Volvo Dexron® II
Volvo Dexron® III
Volvo Mercon®