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RedLine: 75W90NS GL-5 Gear Oil - gallon

RedLine: 75W90NS GL-5 Gear Oil - gallon


Part #: RED-58305

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RedLine: 75W90NS GL-5 Gear Oil - gallon

  • Designed for transmissions and transaxles - helps to slow synchros for easier shifting across a broad temperature range
  • Popular in Ferrari, Porsche and Subaru transaxles
  • Muscle Car applications like Ford Top Loader, Muncie transmissions, Borg-Warner T-10 and Super T-10
  • Contains extreme pressure additives like our 75W90 GL-5 oil, but lacks friction modifiers to balance slipperiness
  • Improved copper corrosion protection to prolong synchro life
  • Helps with lock-up on weak limited-slip differentials-compatible with Red Line Limited Slip Friction Modifier for tuning slippage
  • Also used with clutch-type LSDs in racing for maximum lock up
  • Recommended for API GL-5, GL-6, MT-1, MIL-L-2105E and SAE J2360
  • Non corrosive formula, safe for use with all synchro materials

Product Details:

  • Appropriate coefficient of friction for most manual transmission synchronizers (other's synthetic gear oils are often too slippery for proper synchro engagement)
  • Red Line offers lubricants to pinpoint nearly every transmission application
  • MT-LV, MTL, MT-85 & MT-90 are not for use in differentials with hypoid gears
  • Excellent gear and synchro protection, balanced slipperiness for easier shifting in cold climates
  • Excellent for high- and low-mile transmissions
  • Compatible with petroleums and other synthetics

OEM Compatibility:

Suitable replacement for:
Alfa Romeo
Agip 75W-90 SX
Agip SXA 75W-90
Dodge/Jeep 4549636
Ferrari 75W90
GM 88862475
GM 88862476
Mobil Mobilube 75W-90 SHC
Mobil Delvac 75W-90
Mobil Mobilube PTX 75W-90
Porsche 000 043 204 19
Porsche 000 043 204 71
Porsche 000 043 210 12
Porsche 000 043 304 71
Porsche 000 043 305 00
Porsche 000 043 305 48
Porsche Mobilube PTX
Porsche N-052-911-CO
Porsche SHC 75W90
Spirax S5 ATE
Shell Spirax EP 90
Shell Transaxle Oil 75W-90
Shell Spirax S5 ATE 75W-90
Shell TF 1055
Subaru SOA635011
T-10/Top Loader/Muncie