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VP: Fuel System Cleaner - 16oz.

VP: Fuel System Cleaner - 16oz.


Part #: VP-2805

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VP: Fuel System Cleaner - 16oz. 

Product Description:

VP Fuel System Cleaner with RP21 is a premium gas additive that gets deep down to remove harmful deposits and improve engine performance. Our innovative engine cleaner additive is ideal for cars, trucks, boats, and motorcycles. We use an advanced PEA detergent that cleans your entire fuel system, including pistons, rings, valves, and fuel injectors.

It gets the job done under the most severe operating conditions and brings engine performance back to life. We formulate our gas additive for both passenger and off-road vehicles. In addition, VP Fuel System Cleaner with RP21 helps eliminate knocking and pinging. It reduces the harmful effects of ethanol, and it also cleans carbon deposits and varnish from fuel system components.

Another key point is you’ll also notice an improvement in gas mileage. One 16 ounce bottle treats up to one tank or 20 gallons of fuel for up to 5,000 miles.

Performance Advantages
  • Cleans & restores carburetors, fuel injectors, rings, intake valves, and the combustion chamber
  • Protects against the harmful effects of ethanol and water by stabilizing fuel
  • Results in easier starts and provides faster acceleration
  • Reduces emissions
  • Adds lubrication
  • Includes corrosion inhibitors (vapor corrosion inhibitor)
  • Results in a 30% improvement in corrosion, stability, and cleaning performance when compared to average results of competing brands