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VP: Gas Treatment – VP 7-In-1 Fuel Treatment - 16oz.

VP: Gas Treatment – VP 7-In-1 Fuel Treatment - 16oz.


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VP: Gas Treatment – VP 7-In-1 Fuel Treatment - 16oz. 

Product Description: 

VP 7-in-1 Fuel Treatment is an advanced gas treatment additive for multiple applications. It cleans, lubricates and removes deposits from the combustion chamber. It also keeps fuel injectors, pistons, and valves clean and in top shape. As a result, it makes driving enjoyable again. In fact, you'll feel the difference in your ride after treating one tank of gas. It's safe to use in all 4-cycle and 2-cycle gasoline engines.

For maximum benefit, we recommend our gas additive between 5,000-mile fuel treatment intervals with VP’s Fuel System Cleaner with RP21.

Furthermore, our advanced, cutting-edge formula reduces harmful emissions in all street and off-road uses. Just one 16 ounce bottle will treat up to 20 gallons of gas.

Performance Advantages Of 7 In 1 Fuel Treatment
  • More horsepower and torque
  • Boosts Octane
  • Cleans injectors and carburetors
  • Phase separation inhibitor that removes water
  • Adds lubrication
  • Protects plastics and rubber
  • 61% Improved cleaning compared to untreated engine components