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VP: 2-Stroke Oil – Full Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil - 24/5.2oz

VP: 2-Stroke Oil – Full Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil - 24/5.2oz


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VP: 2-Stroke Oil – Full Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil - 24/5.2oz 

Product Description:

VP 2-stroke oil is the best full synthetic 2-cycle oil on the market for small engines. It provides industry-leading performance, includes a high-detergency formula, and is JASO FD certified. It affords superior protection for outdoor power equipment. Our small engine lubricant is perfect for owners who prefer to handle their own 40:1 oil or 50:1 oil mix with gas.

Another key point is that our synthetic 2-stroke oil protects internal engine components from excessive wear. What's more, it reduces carbon build-up, cleans piston rings, and makes for easier starts and low smoke. It includes both advanced fuel stabilizers and a metal deactivator. As a result, you get protection from the corrosive properties of ethanol, which is damaging to small engines.

Lastly, VP makes a technologically advanced line of high-octane ethanol-free small engine fuels that are engineered from higher-grade base stocks. Our 2 and 4-stroke SEF's are ethanol-free and designed specifically for hard-working, high-RPM small engines.

Performance Benefits
VP’s full synthetic 2-stroke oil contains many formulation advantages, which deliver superior performance:

  • Industry-leading detergency
  • Carbon-free, clean piston rings
  • Easy starting and also low smoke
  • Advanced fuel stabilizers keep fuel fresh 12 months
  • Metal Deactivator protects from corrosive effects of ethanol in pump gas
  • Full synthetic base stocks for wear protection
  • Exceeds all industry standards JASO FD Certified #001VPR001
  • CRC test rating 8.85 best in class
  • Works in all 2-cycle air-cooled engines
  • Multi-mix formula for 50:1 oil and 40:1 oil applications