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VP: AW 46 Hydraulic Oil - 2.5 Gallon

VP: AW 46 Hydraulic Oil - 2.5 Gallon


Part #: VP-2941

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VP: AW 46 Hydraulic Oil - 2.5 Gallon

Product Description: 

Why use VP AW 46 Hydraulic Oil? To begin with, it has premium anti-wear and oxidation-resistant additives. These additives provide the ultimate protection that your equipment needs. Secondly, we optimize our oil for multiple applications. It’s ideal for log splitters, trenchers, tractors, and more. Furthermore, we formulate it from only premium base stocks, so you know you’re getting the best. It not only affords excellent oxidation stability but also helps save you money by reducing both maintenance downtime and unnecessary repair costs. Our AW 46 hydraulic oil helps to keep your system clean and reduce deposits. It also enables long oil and filter life, protects system components, and extends the life of equipment. The demulsibility (ability to release water) of our AW46 hydraulic oil protects the mechanical system of outdoor equipment from small and large quantities of water. This is important when operating equipment in a humid climate or in a plant atmosphere that is wet or humid. When an oil loses demulsibility, it will cloud or foam. This causes rapid wear within equipment components. Keep your equipment running at peak efficiency by using VP's 4-cycle fuel for small engines. It’s ethanol-free and prevents ethanol-related corrosion problems and issues. Moreover, it provides easier and more reliable starts, burns cleaner, and helps extend the life of your outdoor power equipment.